Devin S.

Mike and I literally had the best night of our lives, everything was so perfect and so much fun, and we have you to thank for it all!! We are really and truly so grateful for all of your help; I shudder to think about what could have gone wrong if you weren’t there… Mike and I are forever indebted to you for orchestrating a perfect wedding for us.

Sara C.

You were a God send during this process. Your speedy responses on email, calm demeanor, and skilled organization was exactly what I needed in the last month of planning. I am so grateful I hired you. I’ll surely be recommending you to my friends. Cheers!

Gretchen S.

All I can say is thank for you making our dream wedding a reality. Our wedding day was truly the best day of my life. Thanks to you, every detail was perfect and executed flawlessly…the chandeliers made my jaw drop!…people were raving about the food!… the dance floor was always packed!!… our exit with sparklers…I could keep raving for days! Never once did I feel stressed or overwhelmed. You made me and Will, my mom, all my bridesmaids, and pretty much everyone who came in contact with you, feel so at ease and confident that everything would run smoothly, which it did (as you always said, “of course it will!”) The peace of mind you gave us allowed us to enjoy every single moment of the day, and the days leading up to it, and that is the greatest gift I could ever have received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make our wedding so perfect for us.

Lisa K.

We loved working with you so much – can’t even tell you how great it was to have you around for our two biggest weddings!! You are such a pleasure to be around and was always so helpful and reliable. We love you and can’t wait to work together again!! Thanks for everything!

Hillary F.

I just want to thank you for being such a superb partner for me in planning and executing the Belle Haven party. I honestly could not have done it without you. All the things I worried about were absolutely flawless…from the menu to the floor plan to the furniture, to the quantity of food, the style of votives, even the cocktail napkins which you remembered to bring! We have received so much positive feedback about the evening from many, many guests, and because you were there, I was able to enjoy the party! You made it all so much fun and stress free. It was just fabulous doing this with you. With many, many thanks for EVERY thing!

Heath F.

Thank you for absolutely everything you did to make our daughter’s wedding a magical experience. You made every single day over the past 8 months special for both of us. Your cheerfulness, attention to detail and can-do attitude were unsurpassed. Your humor, your follow-up, your creativity – all amazing. You made it FUN! And for us both, you helped us create the story book wedding we envisioned – what a happy memory. Wishing other brides the beautiful wedding we had!

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