Escort cards are a great way to incorporate fun, personalized details and show off your wedding style. They also serve as your guests introduction to your reception. So, to help inspire a memorable display, we’re sharing some unique ideas for your big day.

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Escort Cards that double as Favors

Try displaying your escort cards with your favors. It will ensure your guests don’t miss them at the end of the night.

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Library Inspired Card Catalog

Share your literary love story with a unique card catalog display using old library cards and drawers.

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Vineyard Inspired Displays

Getting married at a vineyard or do you and your fiancé simply love sharing a bottle of wine? Attach your escort cards to corks or create a luscious display with grapes – perfect for a Fall Wedding.

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Wax Seals

Adorn your escort cards with wax seals. Use numbers to help guests find their table or have a custom stamp made with your initials.

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Travel / Destination Themed

Whether you love to travel or are hosting a destination wedding, postcards are a fun display. We also love these paper airplanes where the couple named the tables after places they’ve flown to together.

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Envelope Escort Card Board

A well executed envelope board is always a fresh look. Dress it up with some greenery and florals or your favorite quote.

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Hotel Keys

This Bride imitated the look of tassel-accented hotel keys. Perfect for a hotel wedding venue!

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Rocks & Geodes

Incorporate jewel toned rocks & geodes into your display or have names written directly onto sea glass like above.